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My home landscaping was in dire need of attention in the year 2011. So I had talked with the someone from Hogan's Five Star Service about landscaping the front of my home. Upon completion I was very impressed with their service and my new landscaped garden. I have also recieved numerous compliments on the landscaped garden from many of my neighbors throughout the neighborhood in which I live. It has now been five years since my new landscaped garden has been installed and it has been thriving. Not to mention what this new landscaped garden could do for my appraisal value of my house.

I have taken the liberty of putting together a few images/photos of my landscaped garden from installation to present day along with photos/images of some of the blooms over the years from this magnificent landscaped garden for you to view/examine yourself below.

I recommend Hogan's Five Star Service to anyone who is looking for home landscaping whether it be a Full Home Landscape or just a few flower beds!!!

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Michael Hogan Slidell, Louisiana

Click the Image Below for more images of my Landscaped Garden by Hogan's Five Star Service!

Landscaped Garden Growth Over the Years 2011 - 2015!!!
Click on Image above for more images of my Home Landscaped Garden Growth over the Years!!!

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